Intravenous (IV) Therapy

Intravenous therapy (IV Therapy) is the infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein. Intravenous simple means "within vein." Therapies administered intravenously are often called specialty pharmaceuticals. It is commonly referred to as a drip because many systems of administration emply a drip chamber, which prevents air from entering the blood stream, and allows an estimation of flow rate.

Treatment Applications

Intravenous therapy may be used to correct electrolyte imbalances, to deliver medications, for blood transfusion or as fluid replacement to correct, for example, dehydration. Compared with other routes of administration, the intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver fluids and medications throughout the body. The bio-availability of the medication is 100% in IV therapy.

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I'm still pleasantly shocked at how I look compared to when I first started treatments here. My husband is a happy beneficiary. With a very knowledgeable and talented staff with personable care as a staple, it feels like my second home!